my name is Marlotte, I’m a traveling freelance graphic designer.

One with a big love for nature, mountains,

being active, discovering new places and good coffee.

After my graduation at the school of arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands, I entered the office life and learned a lot about graphic and fashion design. Nevertheless, it was also a time were I discovered that working forty computer hours a week killed my creative thinking.


In this digital world I believe a computer screen isn’t the answer to every question. It can help to facilitate an idea but it’s not always the right tool for every job. I believe the best ideas come to mind outside your daily routine and therefore outside the computer, outside the office and of course outside the box.


I needed more to develop myself as a designer. I quit my job and started to travel as a freelance designer to see things differently and experience my own way of thinking in the outside world.


Spending dark winters in the mountains, exploring the beauty of South America and driving around Europe with a self build camper van gave me new ideas. To walk, hike, snowboard, drive, explore and discover, to see new places, new cultures, new people, to take pictures, collect, build, draw and paint….

it all led to creating new perspectives.


My work is now inspired on what I have seen with my own eyes and not only what I saw in the digital world. I like the idea of creating a unique design, that not only looks ecstatic but also tells a story. One that’s not restricted by any rules or guidelines, it is the unbounded design.

My Creative Process

Every assignment is unique and deserves all the time and attention to create an original and innovative design.

Curious about how I do this? Below an quick overview…


Every project starts with a nice cup of coffee! Let’s get to know each other and brainstorm.


Extensive research and looking for inspiration inside and outside.


Determine the story and design direction with the client.


Creating and finalising the design.


We’ve made it to the top and the end result is here!


Time to relax and enjoy the end result.

Creative services

” imperfection is a luxury, things that are a bit abnormal,

are the things that you remember.”


Because of my big love for illustration and authentic print techniques, I am always looking for a way to give a design its own character. I try to combine analogue

and digital media, to get the best of both worlds. No standard design, but one that appeals to the imagination.


As a graphic designer I’m always searching for the boundaries within the discipline. I love to experiment with different materials and techniques, in digital as well in analogue media. Combining the best of both worlds makes a design more personal and unique. From a minimalistic logo to a complicated book or corporate identity: the story behind the design has to be right. With an extensive research I will create a clear and inspiring concept that matches the identity of your brand and company.


I can develop exclusive textile prints and surface patterns for fashion, active and lifestyle brands. The design should tell the authentic story of your brand, wether it is with florals, bohemian, ethnic and nature inspired prints or abstract geo’s, minimals, checks and stripes. It will be always in perfect technical repeat, colour indexed and delivered in AI or PSD format, for digital or screen printing. I also design placement artworks and graphics for clothing or logo artworks.


The last few years, during my travels, my love for illustrating has grown. Mostly inspired by nature I try to capture the beautiful things around me so that I can bring a little homage and create more awareness. Because in this big – hectic – digital world, we often forget to look around and take care of the world we live in. My illustrations are characteristic in a way where geometric forms, abstract patterns and fine realistic details are combined.


I’m open for commissions, so if you have a special place, landscape, plant or rare species were you want an illustration from? Everything is possible!


Do you have a cool project were you think you can use my creativity? Please feel free to contact me! Let’s grab a coffee and brainstorm about it!